You (wanna) break it, You buy it.

As some may have seen, Andrew J. Bacevich wrote an article in The New Republic yesterday, calling for an Afghanistan War tax. For those who don’t know, Dr. Bacevich served in the military during Vietnam, is now a Professor at Boston University, and a common and thoughtful critic of what he would call the U.S. empire. He’s written a bunch of books, including one that just came out called Washington Rules: America’s Path to Permanent War. His son also died fighting for our country in Iraq, and the Center for New American Security has named a Fellowship after him, which Brian Burton currently holds (and Shawn Brimley who is now in the DoD used to hold)

Why I bring this up however is because I had been contemplating submitting a piece to one of the few online publications that allow Undergraduates to submit too on a similar topic. As noted in my last post, there has been an increasing fervor calling for attacking Iran. Although most of this has been limited to air strikes, I think that any invasion of Iran must be accompanied by raising taxes to pay as you go, and instituting a military draft (even though I’d be in the age group drafted). There is no way that our treasury or our military can can handle another war without it. Conveniently, this would also make it unlikely that we would invade Iran, which is the point Bacevich is making with Afghanistan. I also think this idea might be worthwhile because I get the feeling that Prez Obama and most of his team isn’t in favor of attacking Iran. I think the recent contradictory evidence has been related to the election, but I could be completely wrong. However, if I am right, there are still many who are going to rally up support for the wand this proclamation would be good political cover for the President to use to avoid making that costly mistake. So if Rahm or Gibbs or any of the others read this, you have my permission to use this just hit me up with a job when I graduate next year in return.


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