Good Article on Mosque debate

NYT’s has an article today about efforts across the country to stop the construction of Mosques.

The paradox of all this, as I indicated in my article about Islamofacism and Global Jihadists a couple days ago, is it plays into the hands of the Terrorists. You can bet that Al-Qaeda is almost as happy about this as they were about Iraq. They have been talking about this Clash of Civilizations between the West and Islam for appx. two decades. Not many people listened. It’s hard to claim a country hates Islam, or wants to rid the world of Islam, when they have so many citizens practicing Islam in a more free manner than the countries in the Middle East.

The other paradox of this is that many of the most active people protesting against these mosques are from the Tea Party or are just far right wingers who claim that they loveeeeeee America. In fact, as a lady in the Time article says, she fears the Mosque because she thinks Muslims are trying to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law. Apparently, at the same time, she either hasn’t read the Constitution, or she is waging war on it. (Of course, as a side note, some on the right wing are also trying to amend the 14th amendment so that immigrants babies won’t be citizens) Anyways, as I also said in that other post, you must really have no faith in the Constitution or this country if you think it can’t withstand an attack by this small group of Radical Islamists, most of whom don’t live in this country.

Finally, the NYT’s article mentions research done at Duke that found that Mosques play a positive role in anti-Radicalization efforts. It didn’t provide a link or anything so I went and found it. It can be located here…


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