Terry Jones and Salafist Jihad

Haven’t had a lot of time to post since the school year started. Tonight is no different, but I did just want to make a quick post. One of my early posts was a comparison of what I compared the Islamofaciest camp-which is basically those people who are mostly anti-Islam who decry Salafi terrorists as comprising the views of Islam in general- with the Salafi terrorists themselves.

The recent controversy over Terry Jones and his Florida Church’s Korean Burning event is another case in point. This story has been gaining some traction after Gen. Petraus, among other commanders in Afghanistan, has said that it undermines our objectives in Afghanistan and puts our troops in more danger. All that aside, University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole, writing on the issue at his blog informed comment, makes the point that what Terry Jones is trying to do with the Koran burning is exactly what Bin Laden was trying to do by provoking us to invade Muslim countries. In Cole’s words:

“Terry Jones, the Dove pastor, appears to want to prove Muslims are intolerant by provoking them to attack ‘Christians’ over the burning of their scripture. I.e., he thinks just like al-Qaeda, which wanted to provoke Christians to attack Muslims so as to demonstrate Christian imperialism.”

In my opinion at least, this proves that the biggest danger is not Islamic extremism per se, but rather just extremism in general. To be sure, Islamic extremism has recently been much more violent, but really it is not much different from Christian extremism, as I’ve discussed to some degree in other posts. An example that is worth bringing up given the recent peace talks is the Oslo Accords in the early 1990’s. These were fiercely resisted by both Jewish and Islam extremists and their failure to bring peace, in large part, was due to the success of both these groups. Especially, the murder of of PM Rabin by the Jewish extremist, and the Palestinian terror which led to the election of Bibi as PM the first time.


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